Friday, June 25, 2010

Highschool vs Real Life

Remember in highschool when you would be up in your room bawling your eyes out because it felt like the end of the world because such and such was talking about you, or there was a viscious rumor being spread? Remember your parents response; "This is highschool honey, when you get into the real world none of this will matter anymore." Well they lied. At least in part. Allow me to elaborate. Sure you don't care what whats her face said anymore, but people still spread rumors, there are still cliques and your prom queen well now shes whoever is hot in Hollywood. We still compare ourselves to people we feel are superior or even substandard. We still get ourselves upset about other peoples big flappin gums. Life is one big popularity contest. We have been groomed for this popularity contest since childhood. Everyone wants to be well liked and well recieved by others and dare I say, famous? Reality is highschool was real life, we just have bigger more important problems and more absurd situations and some of us grew out of our awkwardness. So thank you highschool for preparing us for life.

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