Monday, July 12, 2010

Things that annoy me........

Just a short list of things that annoy me.

When a candle burns out on it's own. I'm never prepared for that bad smell after smelling so much good smell when the candle burns out on its own.

Dogs barking at nothing. Mine don't do it often but when they do I feel like punching them.

My kids touching the walls. This is seriously irriatating to me because it took me hours of hard labor to paint the walls and they get their grimey little boy hands all over them ugh.

People that think the world owes them something. Get over yourself.

Lady Gaga annoys me. In her own right she is probably a decent singer however I will never like her as long as she has songs about nothing with electronic vocalisation coupled with idiotic outfits and a persona that she pretends she is so dark. I'm not into people that think "shocking" is soooooo coool Hey "GAGA" Marilyn Manson and Madonna already did it.

1800 numbers calling for people that don't live in our house.

These are just things that have annoyed me today. Oh well I'm sure tomorrow will bring new things!! YAY!!!

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