Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Love Story

Dreams. I remember nearly the exact moment in my life when I became jaded. I remember thinking, things can't get better for me. They won't. I'll be hard and protect myself from ever getting hurt again. Enter Jeff. Yes just like that, just like a movie. I thought, wow now this is a real man. He's not one of the macho egotistical jerks I usually attract. Why is it that I attract those kind of men to my life? He was, is everything wonderful to me. Never had I been met with such patience and such sweetness in my entire life. We had a conversation one night close to the time we first started seeing each other. We stayed up so late just talking about life. I remember trusting him immediately enough to let go and tell him why I was such a train wreck. He looked at me as he was sitting backwards in his office chair in his basement and said to me the sweetest words, "Stick with me, and I promise, things will get better." The thought didn't even cross my mind that he had ulterior motives. I just trusted him, blindly. We stayed up and the sun came up and he said, "I'm going to do something I've never done before, I'm going to call off work." He did and we continued to watch some ridiculous movie I think Fat Boys or something like that and he twirled my hair around and I leaned into him and I was so comfortable. I did have butterflies the entire flipping time though! Finally, he leaned in and kissed me. It was to this day the single most perfect kiss of my life. I knew I loved him in that instant. I loved him so much it hurt. My heart was safe and although I didn't have the courage to tell him I believe I told all of my girlfriends shortly thereafter. They say that life is made up of just a few short definable moments. That kiss was definitely one of them. If someone would have told me then that this would be the man that I was going to spend the rest of my life with, I would not have doubted that.

Fast forward to our date. I had my kids with me, this was the real test you see. There was Jeff in his big green truck and we were standing on the sidewalk waiting to go into Fridays, he had in his hands flowers for me, lilies to be exact, my favorite. And he had toys for my boys too. My heart melted, because he listened to me. Throughout our many conversations he gathered enough information to know exactly what Tyler and Dustin liked and he remembered that lilies were my favorite flowers. After an animated dinner courtesy of Tyler and Dustin, we headed off to Dairy Queen. I finally got the boys ready to go home when Dustin said from the backseat, "Mommy, I love Jeff." Tyler not wanting to be outdone said, "I love him too Mommy." I laughed, "Is it because he bought you toys and ice cream?" Tyler said, "Yeah that too, but he's nice and he makes you happy." My eyes misted and I instantly had a moment of clarity. He made me so happy and he was so different from anyone I had have EVER dated before.

Fast Forward to a concert we went to with our dear friends Tiffers and Matt. We had so much fun! I laughed so hard and smiled till my face hurt. We were on our way back to Jeff's house and he had a terrible headache. We stopped in a gas station and bought some Tylenol. When we got to his house we went to bed and I was nearly asleep but he kept tossing and turning and finally he said, "Babe, I have something I have to tell you." I damn near panicked, oh god here is when that other shoe is going to drop. Here is the part where he tells me something insane. He faced me and said, "I'm in love with you." With me? Imagine that! I was so beside myself. When I finally found my words I told him I was in love with him too and had been. He said, "I know that's why I could tell you. I could just tell you love me." I think that made my heart skip a beat even more.

So now I am lucky enough to be Jeff's wife. We had a quiet little wedding in Monongahela Town Hall and it was perfect. I now know what it means to be respected and loved. Not just the meaningless words I love you, followed by being treated like crap. I'm really loved. My Jeff always loves me, he loves me crazy, sad, happy. He loves me. He is such a good husband and he is my best friend, my confidante, my comedian, my soul. I will love him until my soul dies, till there is nothing left of me in this universe. Till every part of me is dissolved. I will love him longer than forever. He really has been here for me for better of for worse, even before he put this beautiful sapphire ring on my finger. Jeff is a real man and I have stuck with him, and things get better every day.


  1. That is how I remember it, too. The movie was Disorderlies with the Fat Boys (still a great movie). I love you very much!

  2. I love you Jeff! The fat boys lol remember all the sound effects :)